Rails hell

// November 2nd, 2009 // Rails

Some 9 hours in Rails deployment hell and gooleet is finally up, though buggy.

Rails is amazing, no doubt about it, until its time to deploy. So in the hopes of avoiding another episode, I’m documenting my steps (for the future me?)

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I went with Linode.com‘s Linode360. I’ve also heard good things about slicehost.com.

Linode’s interface is very simple. The wizard walks you through installing your choice of linux distro (I went with Ubuntu 9.04 (jaunty)). I then followed the “getting started” docs from Linode and managed to install Apache, MySql, Passenger.

But for some reason, I couldn’t get Apache to route requests to Passenger correctly. My hunch is some of linode’s docs are outdated.

So if you’re trying to deploy you Rails app on Linode and docs ain’t getting you far, check out Boltanium.com’s documentation.

Setting up Linode (Ubuntu/Rails/Passenger)

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  1. Akilas says:

    In retrospect, if you’re going with linode’s hosting. Be sure to bring your unix fu to the table. They don’t give you a nice easy control panel to do any configuration to your apache, passenger or mysql. Its literally a box in some data center, with SSH access.

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