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Robotics. Day 0.1

// June 1st, 2011 // No Comments » // Robotics

So after many years of procrasterbating on the idea of building simple rover-bot, I finally went out and bought a simple Arduino starter kit from Microcenter and took the plunge.

I’m a software guy with very little (actually non-existent) knowledge about electronics or robotics. My last education on electricity was “Don’t insert a metal object into the wall outlet”

Before starting, here’s some words of wisdom from other tinkerers

“Plan to throw one away”

If this is your first rover, then assume it is a learning platform.

Don’t waste enormous amounts of time and money on the ‘perfect’ solution, but never get it built because its a moving target. As you learn more, you will get more ambitious.

Until one is successfully completed, valuable lessons are unexplored.

After one is built, there is a much richer understanding of the entire rover, the process of making it, debugging it, calibrating it, repairing it, upgrading it.

So the goal is to go cheap, go dirty, get there fast. Take it as a challenge to make it as simply, cheaply and quickly as you can.

DAY 1: Building the drive motor + gear box

Chassis & motor assembly

Chassis & motor assembly

to be continued…